Friday, February 10, 2017

i cooda been a contedah

This is a memory I have that I want to get downloaded from the brain archives before the whole building burns like the library at alexandria.

When I was in High School, I knew I was bright, I never studied for a test and hardly ever paid attention in class. Why? If it didnt interest me I didnt care. Without any trying at all on my half I was a solid C student. The one moment though that actually cause me to pause and realize I wasnt just bright, I was damn smart, was in my junior year. There was an announcement that there were still opening for the ASVAB test that morning and to just come on down. I wasnt sure what an ASVAB was (armed service vocational aptitube battery tests) but i figured that I could go do this instead of going to my first three hours, well it would be a welcome diversion.

So I went to the unchroom and took a eat and at the right time I started filling in my dots.
Yeah it took a full 3 hours to complete but it keept me occupied and it made my boring day a little different.

When they got the results back the recruiter sat me down at one of those long lunch benches and he placed a 3 ring binder in frnt of me. It was a hefty sized packet and leafing through it I remember seeing all kinds job descriptions listed.
"This is the binder we normally use for all of our average applicants.  It covers all of the jobs avaiable from A to Z. You qualify for every job in that folder."
He then pulled out 3 smaller folders and stacked them on top. "With your scores you all qualify for every job in these folders." He reached into his greifcase and pulled out four more folders and stacked them as well " you also qualify for all of these." "In fact," he ruminated "You qualify for every job I can offer you except one. pilot, cause of your glasses. but other then that you can choose your own path"

He had never seen scores that high before and in fact only one person in Kansas scored higher then me and she just happened to be a friend of mine.

I polietly thanked him for his time and went off to do my day. but it was then I realized I didnt think like other people and I really was smaert. I should have taken him up on his offer but that wasnt my cup of tea at the time. I have since realized through testing that I have about a 140 IQ. Or at least haf. I did so little with it that it rusted and seuzed up.

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