Friday, February 20, 2015

dumb ideas

Have you ever hated your job so much that you grasped at anything just to not go?

I worked for this copier company once many years ago. It was a multi-million dollar company that was expanding so it had some promise at least.
I ended up hating the job but the job market in my town was so tight I was happy for a job at the time.
One of the owners was a horrible man who did not know how to empathize with other human beings. Quite literally. I don’t think it was Asperger’s or something along those lines though I think he was just an ass.
Please note that I am not exaggerating here either and I am not bashing because of sour grapes or anything of that sort.
When I first met the man he was cursing casually to a group of people. Not in a mad, boisterous “I am trying to get my point across” way but in a “I don’t know any better” kind of way.
Cursing is not usually a big deal to me really. I think it is tactless and classless to curse freely around women especially ones I do not know.
Especially female employees.
Especially female employees who have asked him to stop
Especially female employees who have asked him to stop on threat of legal action.
Yet when requested to stop by a female employee she was told “I am the owner and I will do what I want.”
If anything I am under-stating.
This guy was very self-centered and egotistical and …I am digressing.
A good example was my father died on a Wednesday and yet I had to come in on Thursday and work because they could not give me both Thursday and Friday off.
Not because of the work load or scheduling or anything like that.
He just did not want to.
Anyway, back to my point.
I went to the dentist and he said eventually my wisdom teeth might need to come out. They were not an issue or anything at that point but something I would want to think about.
Immediately I jumped at that opportunity.
I willingly had oral surgery just to have a reason to not go into work for 1 day.

But that’s not even my lowest point though.

And trust me I am not proud of any of this.
My lowest point was when I worked for an aircraft corporation.
The job itself was just so incredibly boring that one morning….. I licked the inside of the elevator.
…..Yeah, licked.
Tongue swabbed right along the metal wall in the cab right next to the buttons.
Thoroughly disgusting I know.
I am revolted just thinking about it.
Why you might ask?
Simply because of the germs that collect on services of high traffic areas like elevators.
Some scientists recently did a swabbing of the turn-styles in the subways in network and found everything from cheese bacteria just hanging out waiting to run into some milk to make some cheese to the bubonic plague. Yup the Black Death was lingering around on the turnstile just waiting for its chance to recreate the middle ages.
Oh and they also found DNA. They found human DNA and rat DNA and then DNA they could not identify.
DNA they could not identify?
I do not know what that even means.

I paid dearly for my frivolity though and after reading this article I got off easy.
The next day I had a raging case of strep throat.
Yay me.
I gave myself strep throat just to have a reason not to go to work.
I am an idiot.

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