Friday, December 12, 2014

the world is unfair by default


This is heart wrenching. It pains me so very deeply to read this. As both a victim and a parent.
Pardon me while I think out-loud:

Your life is a grand and exciting movie and 12 years old is way too soon to leave the show. At 12 the opening credits haven't even stopped rolling.
Every school has bullies in it. Always have and unfortunately always will. Being a kid is damn hard sometimes. Harder then it should be. These are supposed to be your best years. The years you look back at and wax nostalgic about.
I was bullied in school. Its not rare a lot of people were/are.
It is a demeaning and exhausting thing to be relentlessly pounded on.
Verbally and physically.
At least physically you have evidence of the hurt. The continued verbal attacks can be so much worse
a bruise heals but a emotional scar lasts a lifetime.

My children were brought up to be different. To not be a sheeple.
This did open them up to being bullied for being different but they also understand everyone is different and special in their own way.
Being your own person is very important.
Demeaning someone because they dont fit into your mindset is a mark of a very small minded person.
Kids are small minded mainly because they are kids but also because of what they have been taught by their parents.

I cannot fathom the amount of pain this family is feeling.
Losing your child this way must be horrendous. Losing one of my children ....I cant even grasp how a parent is able to take their next breath. My nephew was killed by an inattentive driver about 5 years ago and the strength my sister has had to dig deep for is remarkable.
An accident is one thing 
but this...this is beyond awful.
This was avoidable.
This is someones fault.

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  1. I go to that school and it terrifies me to know that somebody there did something this cruel to themselves. It pains my heart so much to know that somebody ACTUALLY committed suicide from the school. I have been bullied, but I never really thought about doing that. It just kills me to know that a former student just... left...


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