Friday, December 19, 2014


I was outside at dusk changing a lightbulb in my porch-light. 
I had my cordless drill out to use and was standing on a step-stool. I had just finished screwing in the Phillips screw and was changing bits to switch to standard when I dropped the bit. I felt it hit my foot and then heard it hit some dried leaves on the ground to my right.
 OK. Great. 
Well I've got an idea where it dropped so I finished what I was doing then jumped off the porch and went looking for it.
Nope no luck. I went up the 2 steps back into the house. Got a flashlight and went back down the 2 steps and went looking for it. Still nothing. Which is odd because I heard it hit leaves and these are the only ones near me? Figure fine ill just look tomorrow when there is more light.
Went to go back in the house and 
there on the top step. Right in the middle of the step, where I had just been twice. 
Laying perfectly lateral to the edge, like it had been placed there 
was the bit.

my wife was standing there watching me the whole time and I just stopped dead.
"Did you put that there" I asked her I guess thinking she had some kind of Jedi mind powers and was using it to move this bit around to mess with me. Hey we were newlyweds so we still had skeletons in closets.
Yeah there goes the Jedi theory.

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