Saturday, December 20, 2014


Everyone is saying that Sony goofed up and should have never have bowed to the terrorists.
Well yes and no.

Sure its was blatant terrorism and an affront to one of Americas most deep seated rights, the freedom of speech.
However, Sony had to back out because NO ONE WAS GOING TO SHOW THE MOVIE.
Whats the point of releasing a movie when the only places showing it is Clem’s garage and tire emporium and somewhere is Iowa? Everyone’s lawyers said “you would be liable” so the theaters all backed out.

Secondly I do not want to go to war over James Franco's goofy face. George Clooney sure but never Franco.

Thirdly anything we do now we get a black-eye. If we enforce this insipid movie and said “dammit screw it all we want to see this and no nation will stop us!” well don’t we then look stupid? Like eating a entire cake just because someone told us we couldn’t with our loved ones just throwing their hands up in exasperation going “whatever, you are an idiot”
but if we ignore it then we have a chance of looking weak to the rest of the world opening the floodgates for similar acts.

I don’t know the answer here but some things are obvious North Korea cant take a joke and they are going to be the butt of a lot of them for a long time now and the saga of the Sony movie is not over
The world has permanently changed forever because of it though

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