Friday, April 5, 2013

I am Tired

I am not a war monger. I cannot monger even on a good day. I’m just tired. I am tired of this dirty little world with its shameful actions and horrific reactions.
We have evil beings shooting infants in the face for a couple of dollars. Crazy halfwits shooting up movie theaters and schools Crazy evil halfwit beings declaring their insignificant country will take on and fight the rest of the world.
I. Don’t. care.
I would like nothing more than to see north korea blown completely off the map and turned into a huge shiny parking lot.
 “but what of the humanity? What about….”
Maybe you missed the previous statement.
 I don’t care.
 I am just fed up with this steady decline of humanity. We are showing very few signs of improvement or growth as a species. We are petty and greedy and selfish as a whole and we deserve to be hurt on a global scale. So bring on the apocalypse. Fire up the earth sized barbecue and let’s get to roasting. Just make it quick though, nothing too lingering. Just a fast flash and its over.
Because like I said,
I am tired.

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