Friday, April 26, 2013

Driving my life away

You've got a 500 mile drive ahead of you, but you can only listen to one CD on repeat the entire trip. (Technical problems. I don't know.) What album would you choose as your companion?

I was on a road trip once back in my youth days. It was a group of 6 guys in a dad’s sedan heading back from dallas after a long day of playing Photon (arena laser tag)
From dallas to OKC everyone was loud and happy and loud and talking and loud
We stopped in at mcdonalds in OKC to grab a bite to eat and switch drivers.
I took over the driving details
My friend slapped in a sex pistols tape into the drive and off we went.
Yeah, you know where this is going
We were maybe a good mile down the road, if that far and silence dropped over the vehicle like a wet blanket.
Every single one of those bastards zonked out.
So here I was, exhausted after a very vigorous day with 3 long hours of dark flat plains ahead of me.

After about the 4th loop around on the tape I was sick of sid vicious.
It wasn’t my car so I was blindly slapping at the tape player trying to get I to eject.
Finally my flailing paid off and it ejected out
Ahh that was better.
My friend stirred long enough from his slumber in the passenger side to mumble “whats going on”
I informed him “nothing just sick of the music and we are almost to the border”
Without another word he slapped the tape back in and rolled over.

Finally we were getting closer to home and I could see a car in front of us, first car I had seen in an hour.
When from out of the darkness I saw the grim reaper rise from the hood of the car. Brandishing it scythe and flowing black robes.
It then leapt into the sky and transformed into a dark black phoenix and flew off.


Finally made it home in 1 piece and to this day I cannot stand listening to the sex pistols.

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