Friday, March 22, 2013

That dog don’t hunt

Girl asked me the other day “why don’t you hunt”
I honestly did not have a succinct answer to that one.
I have been hunting
I have a natural eye for shooting and am a really good shot.
I just…I don’t see a challenge in hunting.
I don’t need the meat, the supermarket has enough.
I have hit everything I have ever shot at and that is only a mild exaggeration.
I am a really good shot, I could have made a profession out of it but it was so easy it became boring. I am probably rusty right now as it has been a while.
Getting up really early in the morning and sitting around waiting for some animal to show up and then try to kill it. Not my idea of a fun time really.
I have no problem killing something if it has invaded my personal space. Mice in the house, squirrel in the roof, etc but going out of my way to kill something that doesn’t need to be killed is..what? Im not sure.
I’m not knocking it though, if that is your idea of fun then good for you! I have nothing against hunting it’s just not for me.

Im not sure what I am trying so say here....

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