Monday, March 4, 2013

Character just cant be taught

I will paraphrase here..
So Boy was at school and as it so happens they are watching a movie in band.
The kid behind him decides he needs to pick on Boy.
(I just don’t fully understand why kids have to be so cruel to each other.)
He tells boy that the Broncos suck and that they can “suck his D”
Over and over
My boy tells him to shut up and tries to locate the teacher to get this kid to shut up.
He is like his father in that he can take a LOT of pushing before anything snaps.
Then the kid kicks him…
As the class ends this goes out into the hallway
The kid kicks Boy in the leg
Boy kicks the kids dayplanner
….The kid kicks again
Boy finally had had enough and swings the kid around drop him into a chokehold.
In doing so he smashes the boys nose in with his forearm.
Blood everywhere.
Finally teachers are involved and when the dust settles the kid has a 10 day suspension and Boy has a 5 day suspension.

Now here is the character part
The very first day that both boys are back in school the band teacher looks up and there is Boy helping this kid with his homework assignment.

To me that is character right there.

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