Wednesday, November 7, 2012

gilded lead

Pretty drained still today
You see, in my adoptive hometown there was a young girl of 15 who recently passed from leukemia
She was a strong spirited young woman whose sickness brought a small town closer together. As a parent, and as a person, the unimaginative rolling waves of grief are just smothering when you are lucky enough to just be off to the side, so it has to be just unbearable under the full rolling waves. It is just so horrible and wrong for any parent to have to bury their child and I have a fervent wish and prayer I never have to experience. It did make me think though.
How many people were here for the support of this ailing girl’s family and celebration of her life and how many were just the cattle climbing on the train with everyone else?
Was she just the flavor of the month to some or did she really spark a fire within full of community spirit and empathy to your fellow man?
Does it really matter what the long term effect may have been when, for that brief moment in the town’s history, everyone was bonded together under 1 small sick child?
Maybe it is just the pessimistic skeptic (skeptimisstic?) in me that drags these thoughts across my mind.
At her service on Saturday she played to a packed house. There were over/around 300 people there all there to wish her well on her next journey. This was a nice thing to see, this young person’s small little 15 years on the planet had really touched so many people’s hearts. I counted up everyone I would expect at my funeral if I died immediately and was struggling to hit 50.
I guess regardless of why it is just nice that it was.
Just take the good at face value.
If you scrape too deep you will find that it is just gilded lead.

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