Friday, November 23, 2012

fast braining

Your brain is fantastic in how fast it and calculate and compute.
No computer on the planet can operate as well and good as that slab of meat sitting between your ears!
For instance: let’s just say you are putting you cellphone into your breast pocket and for some reason or another you miss.
Your brain immediately screams “GRAB IT”
It then sends the necessary instructions to the arms
“45 degrees and grab… NOW!”
“33 degrees to port and grab on my mark…NOW!”
However, sometimes your brain is moving so fast that the impulse coming back from the fingers saying
Well that crucial information just gets lost in the melee.

All of this in just a matter of nanoseconds

So the end effect is you end up standing there having what looks to be a cross between a mild seizure and demonic possession. You stand there beating at your own person like you are putting out a small fire as you slap ineffectually at your bouncing phone
This all ends as you finally watch in horror as your own arm, the arm you have known all your life and who you thought was your friend, ends the fight by flinging your phone across the room to smash delicately into the far wall.

Or as I like to all it


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