Sunday, July 1, 2012

Overthinking the thinking

You know, it is really quite amazing with how much "WE" know how much we really dont.
First you have all the odd out there stuff UFOs, Big Foot, Atlantis.
Some are hoaxes some are..something else but no one really knows.
No matter what we do though we will always be in battle with our brain over what is real and what is imagined.
For instance:
I know how this little bit of movie magic is done and you can see it right there which part is a live person and which of it is a prop.

But no matter how many times I look at it and try to force my perspective I still just cant fully wrap my brain around the illusion.
My brain says "Yes I see that and there is the actress foot. Furthermore, its movie magic and therefore not real but nope I'm not buying it, the neck goes right to the head so it must be real."

Stupid brain

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