Wednesday, July 18, 2012


If ya'all are wondering yes Disney really came through for me. I then regaled them with this following email

Dear Disney World,
Simply put,  I cant thank you enough.
The ease in which this was handled has really just put me over the moon. I have been extolling the praises of Disney World for many years.
We were the 12 years ago and ever since then I have always exclaimed how wonderful the whole Disney experience is. I have always said how awesome it is that you can go up to any cast member and ask them the most inane question and they will react as if you are the first person to talk to them that day.
Then, 12 years later, having this experience has got me sold.
Barbie was ever so friendly and then to get a call from the merchandising group to tell me they were processing the request was unexpected and it actually made my day.
I'm sorry I do not mean to gush all over your inbox here but I am truly a fan. As someone who has worked in customer service in one aspect or another I know how difficult a job it can be.
I spent 45 minutes last Friday in my bosses office describing to him my experiences with Disney and how we should be sending people to Disney world just to see how customer service is supposed to be done right. I love how Disney doesn't go above and beyond for a guest. What anyone else would consider as above and beyond Disney calls it "just another day"
Once again thank you.
I know it will be quite some time before I will be able to afford to come back but someday, God willing,  I surely will.

The turtles were shipped and arrived on Tuesday.
I brought the kids together and had then open the box.
“Yeah I knew. I read your text messages.” said GIRL
“Yeah. I read your email. You should close your email folder.” said BOY

well that went over like gangbusters.
Not quite the shiny hero moment I was hoping for but ah well.
I tried.

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