Saturday, June 9, 2012

down the rabbit hole

I don’t envy others too much.
I believe you have what you have and you got what you got. Pretty simple.
I do however envy those rose colored glasses folk.
Those people who have convinced themselves that the glass is indeed half-full and that the sun truly will come out tomorrow.
Lucky bastards.
Lucky bubbly, happy, deluded bastards.

I was thinking the other day as to where this sudden huge outbreak of depression across the world really came from. Doesn’t it seem to you that everywhere you turn nowadays someone is being beat over the head with depression.
Plus depression is a emotional herpes, it never truly just goes away but keeps resurfacing over and over again always lurking in the background.

One theory I readily suspect is it is partially because of technology or more to the point the shrinking of the known world. Now that everyone and everything is fully connected we can more fully see the blandness of the world around us. This is basically causing what is called Depressive Realism. I’m not going to bore you with studies and facts and stuff. What this means is a condition where a person has a more accurate perception of reality and sees it for the dull battleship grey it is. It is the middle ground between the horribly depressed and the manically deluded.
Basically we are the dumbasses who swallowed the red pill and followed Morpheus down the rabbit hole only to wake up naked and scared, swimming in our own crap soup.
Why oh Why didn’t I swallow the blue pill.
Put me back in Agent Smith, I wanna go home.

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