Thursday, January 26, 2012

The week of weak

Ok week 2 of the kill the smoking is in full swing.
This week I have limited myself down to just 2 cigarettes a day (down from 3 last week)
Been doing good, really good actually.
I was able to go just one a day at the beginning of the week but golly its kinda got me in a bind here at the end of the week.
The hardest parts of the day are lunch and when I get home from work.
Lunch because I need to get back in the habit of actually eating lunch. The cigarette is a really good appetite suppressant so this was never an issue before. So that much will be an easy fix.
Now getting home… that’s going to a whole issue in itself.
Long hard day at work, then the ½ drive home.
It’s only natural to want to relax and with a cigarette it is like…a celebratory cake.
I guess I will just need to start…ugh…
Damn… was hoping I could make it through this life without having to do that crap.
I just have never been one to be able to exercise just for the purpose of exercise.
Doesn’t make sense…
It’s boring and monotonous.

Going out and chopping down a tree. Now that is a good activity.
It has a beginning, middle and an end. There are rather immediate results with a payoff at the end.
Now that is exercise.
Or running from rapid badgers and hungry lions.
Now that’s an activity!
Again it has a beginning and an end with immediate results.

I still think that electrical muscle stimulation needs to be brought out and tried again.
Laying about while a current makes the muscle groups spasm.
I could do that.
“Hey when did you find the time to get a 6-pack washboard abs?”
“Why I just laid about watching TV and eating ice cream. It was grueling!”

Man, I don’t wanna actually work at this.

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