Thursday, December 29, 2011

God's Job

I have seen just a fraction of God’s job and I don’t want it.

OK so you are God and this is what’s going to happen.
You will be given power over all things and you will create beings in your image with the singular hope for them that the very best will be in their life.
However as they grow, these creatures are going to hate you. They will ridicule you, blame all things upon you, even when your direct influence is apparent they will claim all the credit for themselves.
It doesn’t matter what you do for them it will never be enough.
If you let them make their own choices you will be regarded as cold and uncaring
Yet, if you pick them up and carry them they will be resentful of that as well.
They will beg for your intervention and help. They will come crying to you wailing and moaning about the unfair world they have created for themselves.
In this aspect I have touched and know the mind of God.
I have teenagers.

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