Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well by now you all know that I have the ability to goof up even the most basic of hu8man functions.
Seems like it should not be this hard to go to sleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.
I, however, just completely jack it up on a regular basis.
I have a tendency to have, what I call, waking dreams.
Basically it is a matter where I am not asleep and not awake but in-between and my dreamworld bleeds into the “real” world.
Not really that rare and from what I have been told a real entertainment treat for those around me.
I have seen golden tentacles issuing from the bathroom door
I have sat up and stared with intent at the mysterious object hanging from the ceiling and gone back to sleep when told it was “just the ceiling fan”
I have screamed for help to assist the tiny lizard-tigers that are dangling from the power cords in the whole in the wall. They were so cute too but one was in danger of falling.
I have been frozen in fear at the dark shadow standing at the foot of the bed
I have even marveled at the intricacy of the baseball player snow globe on my end table. ( Obviously nothing was really there and I really don’t like baseball anyway.)

The other night I know I was asleep. My normal sleep state is real light. Even using sleeping pills I never seem to make it too deep.
I distinctly heard a woman’s voice speak directly into my ear. Not a whisper just a normal speaking voice.
It said
“I find you very attractive. Would you like to make out with me?”
So naturally I sat bolt upright in bed and vigorously shook my head back and forth to clear the sleep.
I looked around but the room was dark and quiet.
I glanced at my wife as she lay there sleeping the sleep that she sleeps so well.
I looked at the clock and it was 2:46AM
I was completely at a loss.
I wanted to make out!

I am 99% sure I was in my dreamstate and my mind was just fucking with me.
It does that.
It can be quite a dick most times.
Besides, who speaks that way? Stating all matter of factly in the middle of the night.
I have not heard any reports of some crazed sexual ring of woman androids breaking into houses to proposition the men folk for some vigorous tonsil hockey.
However, I am also quite convinced that there is some other presence in this house as well.
Maybe “IT” was using that to try and communicate?
Nah. Pretty sure my mind was just playing with itself.

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