Thursday, May 19, 2011

A start

The end of the world
It wasn’t with fire, it wasn’t with climate change, it wasn’t even our fault.
The end of the world happened with just a color.
On August 14th 2015 at 2:57pm the entire world turned blue.
It wasn’t the kind of shading like you might see through blue colored sunglasses.
Everything was, quite literally, blue.
No difference. No shading. Every tree, sidewalk, human and animal was blue.
It was like being blind in a blue dark.
This lasted 7 minutes and 26 seconds.
The world we had known 8 minutes ago was gone.
That world has ended.
This is our new world.

It was right ATB (After the Blue) that the whole shebang started immediately to crap out. From what I saw and have learned a person would fall under one of 4 classifications...
  1. Dead
  2. Undead
  3. Normal
  4. Changed
Also as far as I can tell those who fell under the dead category were the luckiest of all. That’s all they did. Instantly. It was like a switch was just flicked. As soon as the Blue receded people dropped like flies, toppled over like trees, crashed through guard rails, drove through shopping malls, rolled over buses and flew various aircraft into the ground like a lawn dart. We are talking A LOT of people here too. Some animals as well but those usually were not operating heavy machinery.
Undead is a term I have used for years after playing all those basement dice rolling, dungeons and dragons, hack and slash games. Basically it’s a nice way of saying zombie without actually classifying them as one. Face it, you hear the word zombie and you think of soulless monsters stumbling through the night moaning and wanting to feast on your brains. I can’t say whether these people still had souls or not but the rest is rather spot on. Well, also they are not exclusive brain eaters, just... really hungry cannibals. It wasn’t like one instant walking Fido down the street and the next shoving him face first into your gaping maw. These people actually died first, found they didn’t have a taste for it and came back. Most did come from Category 1 (the insta-deads) however we learned later that 3 and 4 could also come back after they died. This for the most part was quite a bother. You never knew who was going to suddenly lurch up from their final stopping point and fancy a snack on your entrails.
This was usually cured with a good burning.
We found that burning a corpse really cut into it’s want for “LIFE: the sequel”. They usually just kinda lay there and smoldered a bit instead. Which usually pleased all of us who did not want to be eaten.
The people from Category 3 were, as it is stated, normal.
Didn’t seem to be affected at all.
Not one whit.
Their normal August day was only slightly interrupted with a brief blue period followed by alarmingly incessant instances of people falling dead around them. Some went about their daily business and pretended not to notice while others gave up right then and there and went stark raving mad. So while other were listening to the radio, formulating ideas and generally postulating over the whole historical conundrum, others had decided to dress up as various small wildlife creatures and hang upside down from lampposts screaming words like “BLaJOOm” and “ KEEPLE” and “ TURNIP” No matter which choice of action they chose though, they all still are loosely classified as “Normal”
The final category, the changed, those are the rare ones. These few souls were altered or mutated in various manners.
Some were horrific.
Like the guy in Glasgow whose entire body was turned inside out yet is still able to function normally.
Some were odd.
A woman in Chicago, Illinois could make coconuts out of thin air.
Some were useless.
A 12 year old boy from Australia could make his body hair curl and uncurl with just a thought.
Some were very useful.
A set of 3 year old triplets from Wellington Kansas can hold hands and emit a hypersonic wave that is strong enough to blast a 12’ by 14’ hole through a brick wall. Yet individually they cannot.
Some are just…super
A 58 year old ex policeman from a small town in Italy has discovered he is virtually immortal. He is immune to all forms of harm. He has been poisoned, shot, stabbed , dropped from a helicopter and ran over. At one point he was even chained and thrown into the ocean from 50 miles out. He reappeared 2 hours later walking up the beach dragging the chains behind him (he said later he didn’t feel right just leaving them in the ocean)

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