Monday, May 9, 2011

As the world turns

Now I am not going to say my string of bad luck has turned but there have been some good points lately.
Wildcats place of employment has reinstated her as full time, with a promise of elevating the pay cut they imposed on everyone back up in the next few months. That’s always cool but on the grey cloud of this silver lining, this also means that Wildcat won’t continue looking for new employment options. So when, not if, this happens again we will back to square 1.
One of my life goals, as I have stated before, was to be able to get my son to Disneyworld. He missed out a decade ago because he was in mommy’s tummy. I have always been running this in the back of my head and no clue on how to do it.
My mother has now decided that next year she is taking everyone to DW.
The grey cloud : That’s a dozen of us stuck milling around each other for a whole week. You know how the whole family thing is. You love them dearly but can only take them in really small doses.
Like cyanide.
And like cyanide continual exposure will eventually kill someone.

Today was not a bad day either. Work has been going well.
Got a few shiny feathers in my cap.
Just have to remember that old work motto though.
1 uh-oh can destroy a hundred “atta boys”.

Finally a little more bit of good news came in but one I am taking with a grain of salt.
Seems there is a lawsuit against my former mortgage company, Countrywide.
And seeing that I had my mortgage started with them in the allotted time the Wife and I are set to receive $7500.00 each.
Eh well we shall see but sure would be nice.

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  1. #1 ~ When you come to DW, I promise to come up to O-Town and take you and your wife out for drinks so at least for one night you won't have to be with the family and if we drink enough, you won't care later on.

    #2 ~ Let's all light a candle and say a prayer that we will ALL get that $7,500 from Countrywide AND may Bank of America burn in Hell immediately after we get the money.

    #3 ~ Christina's World is a favorite of mine but Lowe has done an excellent job of re-doing Wyeth.

    Let's hear it for small amounts of goodness!


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