Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Woke up shaking

Went to bed at oh I would say around 930ish.
Stirred awake and thought “ugh don’t wanna get up yet. Man, I will bet I could sneak in another 30 minutes.” So I glance at the clock
and… its 12:20a.
I roll over and go back to sleep.
Wavylines-wavy lines- Wavylines-wavy lines
I was in an office/home. A friend of mine was undercover with “the organization” but he had been discovered. He was currently making time with the Don’s girl. I was standing at a desk where the top right drawer had been removed and a camcorder had put in it’s place (don’t ask me, this is dreamland.)
I was entertaining 2 of the Don’s goons (who were of mid-eastern heritage) as they recorded themselves on the camcorder
Then I left and as I was walking to my POS silver Mazda (fyi :in reality I have never owned a silver car or a Mazda) I noticed the Don and some goons were heading in. I tried to call my friend but I was too late.
I jumped in my car and discovered I was in a Japanese airport terminal where everyone travelled by conveyor belt and I was being chased by the Yakuza. (yes for some reason I have managed to piss off 3 different mafia-esc organizations).
As I drove my car on the conveyor belts, on which it fit perfectly thank you, I was somehow thrown out and ended up chasing my own car as the conveyor belts carried it away.
The conveyor belted system started getting smaller and smaller.
Soon I was still chasing what was left of my car as it had been compacted down and was forced to lay down to get on this last belt.
The belt went into/under a large concrete block.
It was a long tunnel and there was no light in it or at the end.
The opening and tube were so narrow you had to lay down with one arm above your head.
(I’m getting agitated just recalling it.)
I knew my car would never make it through the tunnel but I was being chased and nowhere else to go so I followed it.
People followed in behind me.
As I lay there in the receding light, the tunnel mouth getting smaller and further away, every shrug and adjustment I am bumping into the ceiling or wall.
Soon the light is so distant that it is easily covered up by the movement of the people lined up behind me.
That’s when I reach my car.
Which is, of course, stuck.
But the conveyor belt is still moving, bringing this mass of people closer and closer and closer and…

…And I am standing next to my bed, vibrating like a cold Chihuahua.
2:30am and I have all but pissed myself
Great Start!

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  1. There could be so much read into that dream but then again, it could just be a fucked-up nightmare!


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