Friday, January 7, 2011

Who is Who?

My Cast of Characters:
Being a new year and all I figured I would cover for you the main people that affect my life. These are the people that I interact with on a semi-normal basis and play a daily part in my semi-normal life

1. Wife a.k.a Wildcat: Been married for 20 years this April. Happily married for shorter than that. I am the odd one she is the stalwart and stoic one. If we were any more opposites we would be characters on Sesame Street. (not sure what that means, but sounds right). We are polar opposites.

2. Girl aka PHM: This is my daughter. She is 15 going on 30. She holds her friends in a higher esteem then the family that cares and provides for her. She has her blonde moments but over all has a pretty solid brain locked in that pretty skull of hers. She knows the right things to do, just chooses not to do them (what kid doesn’t?). Could not be prouder of her.

3. Boy aka BEAST: This is my boy. He has ADHD and a speech impediment. He did not start speaking until he was 5 or so and then it was just “E”. He is now 12 and is the most creative and hyper kinetic person I have ever met. He has no friends but has a heart the size of Texas and wants nothing more than to be liked by his peers. He fills my heart and breaks it every day.

4. Mom aka Ma: My mom. Widowed in 2003 and retired as of the 8th of this month. She is stubborn and yet looks to me for any and all solutions. I help where I can but sometimes I kinda let stuff slide so she has to figure it out herself (for her own good).

Umm wow. This sucks. Thought there would be more in here….
Then there is me ZomBee
I am a 18th level Chaotic good ranger with a +5 swo…..just kidding

I am 40+ in age with the body of a 60+ year old.
I have ADHD (undiagnosed professionally) .
I suffer from fatigue, depression, chronic pain and insomnia.
I work at an IT help desk (which is akin to Einstein working the counter at McDonalds.)
I am just a normal guy with above normal intelligence (not bragging, it can be as much a curse as a help), but have “decided” not to do anything with my brilliance. (which is akin to owning a Ferrari and walking everywhere or being married to a supermodel but sleeping around with homeless prostitutes)
                                  I just live.
This is going to be my "new" year though.
I don’t believe in New Year resolutions but I have made it my goal this year to try and better myself and create the person I really want to be.
I am still working out my plan of action to create myself but stay tuned

Could prove to be interesting.

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