Friday, December 28, 2018

human garbage

Just when I start feeling, better about the human race some piece of human trash knocks my meter back to zero

There was this piece of human waste who had two daughters. Cute little girls I think like four and one
She locked them in her car in Texas for 15 hours during the heat of the summer day
So she could go party with her friends.
These poor innocent children
            *God this just breaks my heart*
These children who look up to mommy as their guide. Their protector. Literally, their everything.
A child's trust in their parents is one of the purest things on the planet and she just let them die.
At one point, someone came into the house that she was partying at and said, "Your kids are in the car screaming. Should we let them in the house?"
To which she said, "No. they will cry themselves to sleep"
Finally the next morning...God, the next morning
She eventually goes out the next morning and only then decides to call an ambulance
One doctor worked for 40 hours straight trying to save the little girl's life while her mother stayed at a local motel because it would be more comfortable then being by her child's side.
When she did make it to the hospital it was to giggle and text her friends while her baby fought for her life.
Both little girls died.
They died in pain, wondering what they did so wrong that their mommy would lock them in an oven and never come back.

On 12/18, this garbage of a person was sentenced to forty years in prison.
Forty years?
That is not enough.
Why does she get to live?
She needs to be sentenced to forty years in a small metal box
A small box wide enough that she can't sit down and short enough that she can't stand up in
Surrounded by sunlamps
Then every 15 hours brought out, given fluids, allowed to recuperate as much as possible in the next nine hours while having to listen to cries and screams of children
and then sent right back in.
each day
every day

I know that this is just fantasy but forty years in prison is just not enough punishment
I can only hope that someone at the prison finds out what she did and is able to extract some measure of revenge for these poor children
Then she can explain to God why she destroyed the gifts he entrusted to her.

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