Sunday, January 27, 2019

punishing good deeds

OK if you dont want to read the article here it is boiled down.
Dude loans his car to friend.
Friend robs drug dealer and kills drug dealers daughter
Dude goes to jail for life for loaning out his car

Wow, that just doesn’t seem fair.
In jail for life without any possibility of parole
All he did was lend his roommate his car.
Sure, it does seem to teeter there right on the edge.
He knew they were going to go rob the drug dealer and they did mention they were probably going to have to knock the girl out but he thought they were joking and had been drinking so wasn’t in full possession of his faculties.
He knew what all they had said but sometimes talk is just talk
All he did was lend his roommate his car.
Extrapolating from this, shouldn’t the car dealership be held accountable? They didn’t know a murder was going to happen but they should have been aware that, by all feasibility, one could.
What about burger king? Should they be held accountable for feeding the villains? Without nourishment, they would not have been able to get to the house to do the deed.
It can go further and further out and get sillier and sillier but really though, where does the culpability stop?
All he did was lend his roommate his car.
I feel for the family of the girl, would be inconsolable if I lost my child but I would be incensed if I lost my son to just being a friend.

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