Friday, February 15, 2013

one bad apple

Its really bad how one bad apple ruins the bunch

For instance: Guns and Roses
Man when I was growing up they were new and they were awesome. I wore their album Appetite for Destruction out, purchased a new one and wore that one out as well.
I remember when they were opening for Iron Maiden and I drove 3 hours just to see them.

Of course they bailed on the concert because Axl had a sore throat.
That was the first block removed from the Jenga stack

You see, Slash is a proven excellent guitar player and Duff and Izzy are also very accomplished musicians.
But they still had that frontman….that lowlife Axl
As the stories started coming out about how he is as a person my Jenga stack kept losing more and more blocks.
Man the guy really is a dick!
As I learned more and more about how he acts the music became more and more annoying to my ears.
He has a inflated ego without the talent to back it up
and acts quite the prima donna on and off the stage.
I mean come on what kind of a kick ass rock and roll star storms off the stage in a huff because he didn’t get his way?
Oh yeah lots of them

It seems a lot of them seem to forget that while they are now rich and famous they are there because of the fans. Someone liked their “art” well enough to shell out a couple of bucks to give them.
If they did not have fans they would not be rich and famous and that little bit of information seems to leave their addled brains.
I am not saying that they owe the fans anything at all.
They sang a song, someone liked that song and gave them money.
End of relationship.
However if they want to keep their rich and famous lifestyle they need to remember who put them there to begin with. You cant bite the hand that feeds you and expect that hand to continue to feed you.

So to recap.
Don’t be a dick.

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