Monday, December 17, 2012


You know whats scary?
I mean really scary!

A newfound asteroid gave Earth a close shave early today, zipping between our planet and the moon just two days after astronomers first spotted it.
Yeah basically 2 days ago an asteroid appears out of nowhere and, in astronomical terms, just grazed our face.
You know that scene in The Matrix where Neo Reeves is on the rooftop leaning way back as he dodges those bullets?
Kinda like that but there is no way we can get the planet to move like that (or wear that awesome trench coat)

Its not a matter of IF it is a matter of WHEN

for example:
Scientists have discovered about 9,000 near-Earth asteroids to date, but perhaps a million or more such space rocks are thought to exist.

And some of them are potentially dangerous. Observations by NASA's WISE space telescope suggest that about 4,700 asteroids at least 330 feet (100 m) wide come uncomfortably close to our planet at some point in their orbits.

Basically what this means is there is an entire army of tanks out there surrounding our little foxhole and they are all rumbling this direction. We know something is out there and we can hear them but all we have been able to do is spot 1 or 2 of them in the distance.

That’s scary and as humans we can’t do a single damn thing about it so why worry about it?
We should be using our global resources to make giant orbiting asteroid killing laser gun things.
Instead we make people like Britney and Lady Ga-Ga rich.

Yeah we deserve a good flattening.

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