Friday, December 21, 2012

Come on Really

Come on
OK this has my panties in a wad.
The shooting in Newtown was an absolute abomination.
Horrible beyond horrible.
I cannot even fathom the pain that this person wrought.
But I would like to stress that it is “this Person”
I am no gun enthusiast.
I own 1 shotgun, it was my dad’s.
I have fired twice 20 years ago. It currently sits in my father-in-laws gun vault.
The gun did not make this person do anything at all. The bullets did not whisper their madness into his innocent ears.
The dude was wrong in the head and found an instrument of destruction and used it.
If he had stolen a car and drove it into the school room would there be a cry for a ban on cars?
What if he had used a duck?
What if he had taken a bag full of ducks and started beating the poor children to death with fluffy mallards?
This outcry for more gun control is like saying my car’s engine light is on can you check the muffler?
All gun control does, is keep guns out of a law abiding citizens hand.
I can tell you right here and right now the very bestest place to start in trying to hinder* tragedies such as this.
At. Home.
It all starts at the home.
We as a society have just gotten worse and worse on how we treat each other and it is snowballing out of control. I don’t know HOW to fix it but that’s where it has to start.
Only by bringing the next generation up right and intelligently and respectfully can we ever hope of becoming better than we are.

*(I say hinder because horrible stuff will always happen, its just the way the world works).

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