Sunday, September 16, 2012


In case you haven’t noticed this is an election year.
I have stated my political views once before but with the election looming in the foreground hear I would like to revisit it.
Basically in a nutshell they fall as such.
I have none.
I am under the full belief that it does not matter one whit who the person is in office be it republican, democrat, man, woman, white, black blah-blah-blah
Nothing will ever change.
You could take the perfect qualities of all sorts of leaders and innovators and mush them into one genetic specimen who is so absolutely perfect that they glow with a brilliant radiance of pefectionalism.
Instill all the best attributes:
The strategy of Napoleon
The brilliance of Tesla
The fierceness of the ancient Spartans
The wisdom of both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin
The humility of George Washington and Mother Theresa
The negotiation abilities of Lincoln
The wit of Mark Twain
The charm of Kennedy
The money sense of Warren Buffett
The imagination of JK Rowling
The beauty of Jolie, Pitt and Clooney
The breasts of Bianca Beauchamp*

Smush and knead them all together into one being who is just busting at the seams with so much potential that just being in their very presence makes you a better person.
Parades would be held just for them stopping by a small town for a pee and a Pepsi.

Someone, somewhere will not like them.
“They are too perfect” say the democrats
“They are not perfect enough” say the republicans
“they are not a god” says the peoples
“they are the god!” says the other peoples

It’s all so very stupid and redundant and broken.
Basically all we are doing is voting into office not the best person for the job
and not the person best suited to help the nation.
Just the best person to blame.

We have been at this whole “United States of America” thing now for the past 236 years; you would have thought we would have been able to improve upon this system by now.
No, I don’t have a fix its way too broken of a system to be fixed. It needs to be replaced and or rebuilt from the ground up.
It just seems that everyone knows this and yet no one wants to fix it and everyone is so shocked and outraged when the loop starts over with the next president.

*HEY its my creation! When you get your own you can add what you want.

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