Saturday, March 31, 2012

come on people...

Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login
accidentally got a high search engine ranking for “facebook login”. Go look at the comments there to see if you can figure out what happened.

Truly it is sad.
  I dont consider myself to be a computer whiz. I now stuff. I learned almost everything I know by goofing something up and then having to figure out how to fix it.
  Of course a lot of this was before everyone had a PC strapped to their face.
  Now that the PC is such a basic building block in today's 21st century society it is no longer acceptable to say "I am not a computer person".
  If you are truly not a computer person then you need to sell everything you have and go live with the Amish. They at least have a valid reason as to why they cant use something as basic as a browser. ** No one expects you to be able to pop open any laptop and hack into NORAD but we do expect you to be able to complete some of the most basic of functions.
  Look at it this way.
  Lets say everyone in the world has never seen a car before in their life but we all want to get from point a to point b.
  Those people who have actually taken the time to read the instructions, practice some on their own and maybe even take a lesson or 2 are going to be able to jump in and get there pretty well right.
  I would even say that they make it look easy.
So when someone else comes along and sees them driving around effortlessly they figure "cant be that hard" jump in the cab of the nearest 14 wheeler and just start pumping pedals and pushing buttons. So off they go, completely out of control down the highway with the windshield wipers flapping , the radio blaring full blast on a Swedish folk music station and both blinkers on (no idea how THAT even happens).
  Once their ride ends with them smashing head-on into  pumpkin delivery truck they stumble from the smoking wreckage and exclaim
"Well I'm not much of a driving person".


**Of course I am directly speaking to America here. If you actually have to fight each day to stay alive and any computer is pretty much science fiction then I hold you no malice. Of course I then have to wonder how you would even be reading this.

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