Wednesday, November 23, 2011

True Horror

Only those people who have actually worked in retail know what a true horror black Friday really is.
It is truly a shining example of the pure stupidity of the human race.
I left retail back in 97 and since then I have gone and “tried” black friday twice.
I regretted it each time.
Back in my day it was a day where you go to bed on your holiday day off very early, usually while the sun was still shining and the smell of turkey still heavy in the air.
Then you have to get up way before the sun had even thought about raising it's heavy eyes and make it's long trek across the midnight sky.
You trudge into work and braced for a day where everyone wanted everything 10 minutes before they thought they might need it.
You spend 10 to 15 hours locked in a building while relatives and friends cavorted about enjoying their extended weekend as you feed the consumer machine with your blood and sweat. little bits of your soul keep flaking off like a cheap gold inlay as you watch the human mass swarm and push and fight and mill about like cattle with cash.
Finally you make it out and fight the sea of unwashed masses to your car and then fight the sea of twisted metal boxes just trying to get out of the madhouse. Once home you crash and know that the rest of your day is spent and worthless due to your pure exhaustion.
Now days it's even worse with each store trying to out do the other by opening earlier and earlier. Idiots standing in line for hours in the cold just to get a chance to get a cheap TV.
Everyone can stand back and say it is sickening and immoral and horrible.
But only those poor unfortunate souls who have been there.
Been on the front line and see the crazy first hand know.
War is Hell but Black Friday is just madness.

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