Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not my cup of tea.

I could never be gay.
I dont have anything against gay people. Its their life and what they do in their life really holds no interest to me. I have a hard enough time living in my life to worry about someone else's.
What I mean is that I can see why a woman could be attracted to another woman.
Their soft and pretty and smell real good.
They can make you feel like the smoothest most awesomest being ever to set foot upon the earth with just a smile.
They can also make you feel like the lowest vilest fuck who ever ambled out of a slime pit with just a frown.
All in a matter of seconds.

That's a lot of real power right there.

With the right woman you can be content with just staring at her mere picture for hours longing for just one moment with her so she can actually know that "yes on this planet I too exist along with you."

But guys?
comeon.. the male of the species is inherently foul and ugly.
We smell and grow hair in all odd places and really dont care.
We are selfish and self centered and care only for the basest of fundementals for survival.
eat, sleep and fuck.
If we cant do at least one of these then we dont care.
Now how in the world one guy, who knows first hand what a guy really is, can find that attractive is truly beyond my grasp.

Given the choice I would take Angie Jolie over Johnathan Depp any day.

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