Monday, September 26, 2011

My sons work

My son wrote this last fall for a school class

When I was 10 I knew a boy who made me happy as can be
He was my cousin and he made me laugh
Laugh until I peed.

He was fun to be around
He always made me smile
He made me feel big and loved
He even let us play DOG PILE!

Then one night in the late of May
Last year in two oh nine
We got a call that dimmed the lights
And made us weep and cry.

My cousin was riding home to see his wife and son
A truck came by and did not stop
And now my cousin is gone

I saw him in that box
I hated to see him so
I cried at his funeral
I didn’t want him to go

I know that he is with me
He always watches me
Sometimes I remember how things used to be
Sometimes I even laugh
Just not until I pee.

I miss him.


  1. That broke my heart. Your son wrote a beautiful to his much loved cousin.

  2. Yeah. he impresses me all the time (when he LISTENS) He has the heart of a lion that he wears on his sleeve.


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