Monday, June 13, 2011

I loves me a good conspiracy.

I know that 99.9% of conspiracies are due to the brain natural ability to organize and find patterns where they are not any.
It’s really simple
We are not perfect.
Therefore, if you go looking for a problem in something you will find one.
Our brains are also naturally hard wired to distinguish patterns where there are none. Something to do with the whole wild caveman thing, trying to stay alive when being hunted by the saber tooth mongrel poodle or something.
That is why you can see a ducky in the clouds or a screaming face in the grain of a piece of wood.
By looking back at any event in history it is quite simple to piece together unrelated facts to support just about any hypothesis you want.
For instance:
In the bible it states that Elijah (Elisha?) never died but was carried away in a fiery chariot to live in heaven with God.
Or did he?
Now follow me here
When people write they normally will use a frame of reference of what they have in their common everyday vernacular. Like I could explain how a TV works but a man from the 20's it almost magical in nature. So the Romans traveled about in this time was in chariots, therefore a moving vehicle that a person saw in that era, the closest thing they could make a reference to was a chariot.
Also our space programs have proven that a craft would need sufficient thrust to enter and exit the earth’s atmosphere. To achieve this thrust to escape the pull of gravity the thrust could very well ignite and cause a , yup you guessed it, a burning of the fuel.
So, it could be very well hypothesized that Elijah was abducted by aliens.
Fiery chariot is quite simply a spacecraft that landed, snatched the old geezer and flew off.
Do I believe this? 
Not really.
Do I think it possible? 
I think the more outrageous a hypothesis is the more chance it could be true.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone?
I think he was hired and I think that the main man behind this was VP Johnson.
Why? Simple greed.
He had the most to gain.

Is the Paul McCartney we know today a duplicate?
That is a good one. 
There has been way too much speculation and information poured into this one.
Even a documentary!
If you haven’t a clue what I mean here is a brief synopsis: 
In the fall of 1969, shortly after the release of The Beatles Abbey Road album, a rumor swept America concerning the death of Paul McCartney. People began to study the cover of Abby Road and wonder why McCartney is barefoot in the picture and out-of-step with the other Beatles. The evidence and suggestions regarding McCartney’s death quickly spread around the world. People began to phone in claims that The Beatles were using extensive hidden messages and back-masking in their records. The Paul is dead rumor popularized the use of back-masking in music. Basically the common thought is he was in a car accident and killed so MI5 (the British CIA) found a look alike and substituted him into the Beatles and made the fab3 keep a hush-hush lid on the whole mater. Supposedly the Sergeant Pepper’s lonely hearts Club album is just chock full of all kinds of imagery and messages “to the people”.
A lot of the imagery and back masking I have investigated into (investigated = sitting on couch watching TV) is simply happenstance, conjecture and plain ol’ pattern building.
However this issue is not going away and one of the best things about conspiracies is there is always a gram of truth in there somewhere.
Even as late as 2009 conjecture on the identity of Sir Paul McCartney has been called into question. Take for instance these 2 forensic pathologists, Carlesi and Gavazzeni. They set out to disprove this nonsense once and for all and were…surprised by the results.
They couldn't disprove it.
Gabriella Carlesi is an Italian forensic pathologist who specializes in the identification of people through craniometry, which is the comparison of skull features. Carlesi is a forensic odontologist and an expert in the study of teeth.
Francesco Gavazzeni is a specialist in computer analyses.
In the past fifteen years, the pair have worked on a number of high profile identification cases. In 2008, Carlesi and Gavazzeni became interested in the Paul McCartney conspiracy theory. Originally, they were attempting to dismiss the claims. However, they soon discovered some bizarre facts. After images of Paul were analyzed from before and after 1966, the professionals were shocked to discover that the faces did not match. The findings were published in the July 15, 2009, issue of Wired Italia, the Italian edition of the US magazine Wired.
When comparing photos of the human face, the pictures must be re-sized and scaled. In this case, the researchers chose the distance between the pupils for a scaling factor. After the pictures are scaled, they can be placed over each other and examined. The article suggests that the older photos of Paul do not match. It provides scientific evidence to support the accusations. The frontal curvature of the jaw in each Paul is different. The later Paul has a head that is more oblong and not as rounded.
The article suggests that plastic surgery is highly visible in the older McCartney. Carlesi points out that the line separating Paul’s lips is much wider. The identifiable point where the nose detaches from the face is different and the pictures show some bizarre characteristics in the ears.
The paper states that the teeth of each individual are different, and that there is evidence of alterations to the older Paul. During the research, Carlesi became amazed with the difference in the shape of the palate. The mandible curve between the two sets of photos showed a discrepancy of over 6 percent, well beyond the threshold of error. Before 1966, each side of Paul’s jaw is composed of two curves. Since 1967, it appears to be a single curve.
The researchers suggest that if Paul McCartney wants to put an end to the rumors, he can offer a DNA test. They discuss a case from the early 1970s in which McCartney had to give a DNA sample.
The test was requested by a German woman named Bettina Krischbin.
Bettina Krischbin claims that her 1962 birth certificate shows that Paul McCartney is her father. The DNA test that Paul was forced to submit indicates that he is not the father. Since the occurrence, Bettina has accused McCartney of sending a substitute for the test. She claims that the signature given by the donor is that of a right handed individual.
In 2006, the German authorities opened a case into the claim. If Paul is proven to be the father of Bettina Krischbin, she could receive 10% of his estate upon death. By coincidence, on the same day that the article was released in Italy, July 15, 2009, Paul McCartney appeared on the David Letterman Show in New York City. McCartney gave an outdoor performance on top of the Ed Sullivan theater. During the interview, Paul laughed with Letterman about the silly rumor that he had died in 1966.
      What is also odd enough to mention is the same thoughts have been bouncing around Bob Dylan as well. He claims to have been in an accident but there was never a hospital involved or police report made. How could the greatest poet of the 60’s (there words not mine) have just written and performed protest songs for 20 months and then just ignore the Vietnam war and the Civil rights movement?
That one easy.
Drugs baby.
More then on way to be blowin in the wind.
So was Elvis killed on the toilet or did he live to a ripe old age?
Is Area 51 really inhabited by aliens?
Why did ancient civilizations carve figures into the ground only able to be seen from the sky?
Does the grass really look greener on the other side?

I don’t know.
I am sure the government covers up a lot. Buncha shady fucks anyway.
However, I don’t really care
It’s the ride not the destination.

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