Friday, January 30, 2009

And so it begins...

OK everyone has to start somewhere so here I will start by book marking the beginning.

Been doing some reflecting lately on the past, present an future. I know, how do you reflect on the future. I don’t know I just have. I have found a few things out that I used to know but I had suppressed and beaten down so far into the mud of my psyche that I had almost forgotten they ever existed.
#1. No matter how you peel it, I used to be a BAD Boy. I know, I know it sounds so very macho and stud-like to be called a bad boy. Rebel without a cause, clue, clause and or crouton. Doesn’t change the fact that less then just 20 years ago I was the bad egg.
I was the one that the parents did not like their children hanging around. Thing was that these parents did not know that I was loyal enough to my friends to take the heat for them. It was the easiest answer to any problem “ Dude was…” or “Dude was here and …” Sometimes I deserved it, sometimes I didn’t. Overall though I gotta admit. I deserved it.
My parents raised me right. They raised me NOT to be one of societies cattle.
Think for yourself,
be your own person,
stand for what you believe is right.
Easy enough to say, harder to practice. Shunned by High School peer groups for being “odd” I found a small cache of like-minded individuals and (for the most part) still friends with them today.
Some where along this road of life though I changed.
I forgot about that part of me.
The part that walked that noble line.
The part that flipped back his long hair, straightened his black jacket, flipped the world the bird and in a clear even voice said “Screw you world. Today, we are doing it MY way.”

Or maybe it’s just gas. I’m not sure.
I had a lot of M&M w/peanuts today.

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