Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Yesterday on 08/11/2014 the world lost the funniest man that ever walked across its crust.

Robin Williams took his own life yesterday.

He was in such a hurry to leave this world that when slitting his wrist did not work he then decided to hang himself.

That, my friends, is pain.

Living your life in so much pain that the very thought of taking another breath just overwhelms you.

That is depression.

This wonderful man who, at any moment, could have walked up to a complete and total stranger and they would have given him nothing but accolades and praise.

That is how depression gets you though. It tricks you into thinking you have no worth.

This man who gave the world so much laughter was crying inside.
 The booze and drugs were his way of just trying to self-medicate away the pain.

Just for a bit,

just a little moment so he could finally draw a full breath.

But no, depression doesn’t allow you these moments of respite.

Depression stands there and beats on you.

It beats on you and berates you and kicks you, even when you are down.

It hits you again and again and again

and again and again

and again

Mr. Williams didn’t know me personally but I knew him.

I met him the first time when he was at Al’s in Milwaukee

When my love affair with Sci-Fi was just beginning he told me he was from the planet Ork

When I wanted to just laugh, he took me to the Met.

He played a GREAT board game with me

He showed me the world from Agrabah,

We fought the pirates in Neverland

And saved the rainforest in Ferngully

And woke me up in Vietnam

He showed me he could be an inventor and an invention

a doctor and a psychopath

a teacher and a 10 year old boy

A king and a nanny

A President, a priest, a father, a husband

And a penguin

He could be anything he wanted to be

Except happy

And now he is gone.

and we are the lesser for it.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Twiligtht Zone ,I of Newton

This is my all time favorite twilight zone episode. I havent seen it for ..oh decades I would imagine and yet I can remember it very well.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

I need a drink

It’s really a wonder I don’t drink.
Let me rephrase that
It is a wonder that I do not drink until I am completely blotto each and every night.

I’m not going to run down the entire list here, it is too extensive, I will just hit some of the high points of my low points.
Lets see…
just off the top of my head here we have (in no particular order)
depression, wife recovering from breast cancer, daughter had knee surgery due to arthritis at just 17 years of age, son broke his knee cap and had to have knee surgery, mom needs knee surgery but going in for cataract surgery, daughter’s cars airbags started smoking yesterday. Oh and let’s not forget foreclosure (luckily averted but it was a stressful time indeed) and getting a second job all the while losing more feeling in my foot due to pinched nerve.
Oh and that’s on top of all the normal day to day stress like the A/C unit blew up, daughter starting college, car is on its last legs, etc.etc.

You know that show “the lottery ruined my life” well all of my current and long standing problems can be solved by a suitable application of cash. So those people were just dumb. Not ignorant because that denotes the ability to learn and change. They are just plain dumb.
Dumb and greedy.
Maybe I should just start a kickstarter or a fundme project to see if the rest of the world would chip in a buck or two.

I don’t whine though.
    Not much at least.
        Ok so this post would be the closest I come to whining.
I do wonder what kind of gypsy curse I am under.
Or who I was in a past life that the good stuff seems to avoid me like I have the plague..

It’s really a wonder I don’t drink.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Son of a Gun

I am tired of this whole gun issue.
I dont own an automatic weapon and I doubt I ever will. I do own a lovely 16 guage shotgun though and it is really pretty and fun to use. Its mine and no one is going to take it away from me.
I am not part of the NRA and I think anyone that owns over 7 guns has way too much spare cash.
I am thinking of the latest fruit loop who shot 7 innocent people because he couldn't get laid.
The prevalence of firearms is not the issue here. Someones ability to buy a gun is not the cause of them becoming a serial killer. They are going to do what they are going to do no matter what weapon they have on hand.
If we didnt have guns in the united states we would have more axe murderers and knifing. By trying to take away the guns you are not solving anything, you are just taking away a tool.

I know I am not making a strong case here. I am just talking off the top of my head.

Stop with the "Take away the guns!" and lets channel our focus into more important matters, like getting the nation up and running a prosperous again.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Just a wee note

We have a lady at my office from Scotland. She has just the lovilest lilt to her voice. I could listen to her read the phonebook and still be enraptured just by her accent.
A few months back her and I were out having a smoke and for one reason or another, I cant recall, I laid my Scottish accent on her.
"Oh that's definitely Glasgow ." was her reply. "If not Glasgow directly then one of the seaboard cities nearby."

This pleased me.
I was so happy to know that my accent is good.

I knew it was passable but maybe a bit cartoony at best.
 Then to be told that my accent is good enough that a native Scot can even tell me what part of Scotland my accent is from.

Well that just made my day.

Monday, May 19, 2014


My best buddy Paco.

He was my wife and I's first dog. A German Shepard/Irish Setter/Chow mix. Smart as a whip and a ferocious teddy bear. Anyone or thing that entered his backyard without prior written permission died. I regularly removed birds and squirrels and cats that did not have the proper documentation. Yet he would let my cousins crawl over him like a jungle gym. They could even touch his food while he was eating and he wouldn't mind. He'd just look up at them as if to say "Hey not done!"

One day he ran at the gate and the wind blew it open for him.
He stood straining on his leash just outside the fence, basking in his new found freedom I would suppose.

The gate rebounded and slammed shut on his leash.

Its been 20 years and I still miss that big lug.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ghost Theories

I have a 30 minute commute each way each day. These are the kind of things that roll through my brain.
       I have a theory that I have been pondering for some time that I would like learned input on. It's been postulated that "ghosts" are known for regularly sucking the juice out of batteries from devices (i.e. cameras, recorders, etc.) and that this is a common occurrence. It has been noted before that such a power drain is common before an "experience" as if the presence were siphoning off the energy for its own use.
       With that in mind couldn’t a device be created that could oscillate through the common ranges of human bio-energy signatures and provide extra energy to an area to help force a stronger, if not physical, manifestation?
        I am thinking about 4 to 6 electrified steel rods as a device used to pump energy into an area, say a average 4'x6' room, which would match the general harmonic energies given off by the human body.
       In essence, this would be akin to force feeding a presence the energy that it would normally leech off. Where the end outcome would hopefully be a more substantial and significant encounter.
       I am sure such a device would be rather simplistic in nature to create but would it be a practical device to use within a known haunting or within an investigation? Would this be a device worth the time, effort and cost to design and create or am I off on the practice behind the theory?