Friday, May 4, 2018

waisting away

OK so HBO/Cinemax had a free preview weekend the other day and I went a bit overboard. I went to the theatre on Friday and saw 2 movies (it was to celebrate my wife and I 27th anniversary)and I guess figured I should not stop there. 
I have Netflix and Amazon so I have never really considered getting the movie channels but after this binge I might need to just to calm my ass down.


Central Intelligence

Alien : covenant

Independence Day: Resurgence


Mike and Dave Need wedding dates

Keeping up with the Joneses

Kong: Skull Island


Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children

The Great Wall

Game of Thrones

Bits of
The Shack (got interrupted so shut it off)
Get Out (fell asleep) and
LaLa Land (couldn't get into it)
Ants, SpongeBob, etc. (baby watching for a bit)

In the 48-hour period, Saturday to Sunday, I spent 34 hours awake/conscious. I am sure it was less but using 7am as an anchor which should suffice. Saturday I was awake 7am to midnight and Sunday about the same 7am to midnight.

I tallied up the time-spent viewing for Saturday and Sunday by calculating the minutes of each movie. I spent a total of 23 hours and 41 minutes watching TV. I didn't count the bits of stuff I watched so that number is actually well over 24 hours.

I cannot account for those missing 10 hours but you know what? I am willing to bet that I was watching TV.

Granted Sunday I was wrapped around a heating pad the entire day but come on man
It's like I am just waiting around to die.
I have this stupid notion that if I dont leave the house it will not cost me any money. This is not the life I signed up for. 

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