Saturday, October 1, 2016

Not an intresting story at all

       My first real job out of high school was working in a warehouse for a retail catalog showroom. I did this for 10 years working myself up from part time help to the youngest member of management in the company managing the warehouse for one of the top 10 stores.
I was good at this and I enjoyed doing it.
        I knew it was time to go though when the company started to fail and all of the hours allotted to the warehouse were cut. Cut so drastically that I only had enough for me, my assistant and 30 left over for my full time receiver. That was when I knew it was time for me to move on. in this warehouse we had high ceilings and really tall warehouse shelves. Not sure of the exact height but about 12 feet sounds right. We used ladders, of course, but a lot of the time we would monkey climb up and down the bins. It wasn't safer but it was quicker. Not a day would go by that I wasn't straddling across an aisle 10 feet up in the air stacking anything from furniture to TVs to baby good on the shelves.
    One day I was doing a inventory report and we had just had a truck in so the aisles were clogged. The aisle  was in was the bike aisle and we had them stacked 3 high with just enough of an aisle to shimmy your way through.  If you have never seen a bicycle box it is about 6 foot long and about a foot wide. Just big enough to hold a partially assembled bike. Well I needed to get up high enough to look at the top shelf so I  scaled the bins and was standing on top of one of the wobbly bike towers marking my report. I was about done when I felt a shift. Now these boxes are not strong corrugated cardboard. No these boxes are flimsier then a pizza box so just about any bit of pressure will crumple it. Sure enough there goes my tower. In the nanosecond I had to act I dropped my clipboard and made this Indiana Jones leap up and out from the stack as the tower came crashing to the ground. My assistant came around the corner to see what the commotion was to find me dangling over the middle of the aisle swinging from a sewer pipe from the store above us in the mall.

I am pretty unflappable so when I noticed him standing at aisle head doubled over laughing I just calmly said " Can you grab a ladder?"
"Oh now you want a ladder?"
"I think it would be prudent at this point yes"

   I learned nothing from this event. This was just a normal Thursday for me. I just randomly thought of this and wanted to get it on paper. I am sorry you wasted your time reading thsi.

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