Tuesday, July 19, 2016

---------------- AVENGERS ASSEMBLED -----------------------

    Since I have such a long commute and some days I have to do something, anything really to keep me awake behind the wheel, I was toying about on my way home with trying to devise the most self destructive yet very efficient Avengers team.
The rules were quite loose basically you have to have specific archetypes but they can be "good" or "bad", This is what I came up with

                                                                 Leader - Emma Frost

                                                  Muscle - She-Hulk (also 2nd Lieutenant)

                                                                Tech Guru - Doc Ock

                                                               Brains - Amadeus Cho

                                            Tactician and financier - Moonknight

                                                          Comic Relief - Deadpool

                                                     Rookie - Franklin Richards.

                                                                    Magic - Nico Minoru

I think this covers all of the bases of the archetypes needed. They would be a spectacular group who could defeat one incursion and only one. There are some huge egos on this list and while the "could" be a team they couldn't do it for long.
Aficionados what would you change?

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