Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Missed Rick Springfield again

Been to 2 Rick Springfield concerts and have yet to see him in concert.
Back in the early 00 took wife to see Rick Springfield at incahoots ( a local cowboy bar). He came on stage at 10pm and was 1/2 way through the 1st song and she was ready to go. And that was how I spent 50 bucks to stand in a room full of loud drunk people for an hour for apparently no reason at all.

Well Saturday I Took wife and daughter to see Rick Springfield The romantics and Night Ranger opened for him. It had rained pretty good up to the time the gates opened, but I looked at the radar and the storm was heading west and north from us. Its OK, we should be fine. so we jumped in the car and drove the 45 minutes drive to the outdoor concert in the park that didn't start until 7.
We get there maybe 45 minutes after the gates open and there were already about 500 people milling about. So needless to say after parking the car and walking the quarter of a mile to the venue (strike one)  the seating we found was crap. Strike Two. We setup the seats and I decide that if I'm gonna do this I will need a beer so off the daughter and I go to find said beer.
We get in contact with wife and she would like something to eat and we see a Indian taco truck with about 10 people in line. We get in line and wait
                                       and wait
                                          and wait
then the rain starts coming in. first it spits, then it drizzles and then it opens up and pours and pours and pours
at least it is a warm rain.
Daughter and I stood in that line for an hour while these 2 yokels raised and butchered the cow and grew and harvested their own wheat. Man they were slow.

We were literally wringing out cups worth of water from our close grumbling and griping about how that had be the best damn taco in the world.
Finally we get the taco and head back to our crappy seats. The ravine we had passed was now a raging river and my daughter raversed it banks holding the taco like it was made of solid gold. Twice she slipped in the mud and went down on one knee but never lost the taco.
Once we get to the wife,who is as dry as the gobi due to the umbrella she is holding, sitting in her chair and the first thing she says is "the umbrella leaks"
We laugh, we shiver, we shake the water off and we state matter of factually "We are going home."
I could have stuck it out but the sun was going down and the wind was picking up.

I was done.
We pack it all up and start heading out and my wife runs across an old high school buddy and she decides to stay.
Dont care, I was done. Didnt care about the 20 bucks in tickets I was tossing. I have spent more on stupider things.
I . was. Done.
On the way home the daughter and I pick up a couple of 6 packs and call it a night.

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