Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Star Wars Theory

   I think Rey is the little sister who was found to be strong in the force. 

 She got more attention then Ben did, which made him jealous and moody and that gave Snooke his edge into Bens soul and used it to turn him to the darkside. Ben doesnt really want to be there though but its all he knows now, he is very powerful and that is all. He cannot even command the kind of respect his grandpa did. He wants to be the big bad, to get what he thinks was kept from him by dear old mom and dad.
    I think Han and Leia think she died in Bens attack. She is gone and that is painful but she is gone and Ben is still alive.They are hanging their hopes on their last hope, bringing Ben back to the Light. That is why they never mention anything like "I wish Jill was here" or "What about the memory of Jaina?" or whatever they named her.
 I think Luke grabbed Rey and tossed her in the Falcon and dropped her off on Jokku with that butterball dude to keep her safe. Maybe her being so strong in the force he figured Ben would come for her if she was with mom and dad, so he had to think her dead too? Maybe this was all done at once, fleeing Kylo and his team that there wasnt time to meet up. So he jacked the Falcon and zoomed off to Jakko. Made a deal and left the Falcon with sluggo as payment for watching the girl. Then he took off to go find the Jedi Temple.
But for right now thats my head cannon.

 The only other tidbit I will also go along with is she is Lukes daughter. Ren is 19 so she was born 11 years after the battle of Endor. Now Jedis are not monks but they usually do not take wives either. however there really werent a whole lot of Jedi hanging around to tell him what was right and what was improper.
He's a big war hero who saved the galaxy and can do really cool parlor tricks. It would be rather farfetched to think he didnt have a date or two. I mean our normal earthly relgious clerics cant keep their hands off of little boys so what a space monk supposed to do?

Oh and I think Snoke is Darth Plagus, the Empererors Sith lord who knew how to manipulate life and death. Just not sure why he has simualr head wounds to Vader. Not identical but damn close.
of course this is all pure speculation for the next 98 weeks,
 not that I have put any thought into this or anything.

**Oh and if youve read through all of this just know that I am pretty sure I am wrong. Now I am pretty sure Rey is a clone of Luke created off of the hand that Vader lopped off on Bespin. This would account for the reemergence of the Skywalker lightsaber as he was holding it said hand when his daddy "disarmed" him.

Ok so Luke Skywalker has his school of force sensitive kids he has culled from across the galaxy. He found one that was really strong, so strong that when Darth Snoke started messing with Ben Solo he knew he had to get her far and away because if she goes dark LIKE HER GRANDFATHER then the whole mess could start all over again.
Im gonna call it here. Rey is the Granddaughter (or even a clone) of Emperor Palpatine.
The whole Skywalker vs Palpatine thing has been the story since movie 1 but now it is the Skywalker that is on the dark side and the Palpatine on the light.

Sure there are more important things out there to burn braincells on but this makes me happy and in this dismal bleak life you have to grab your joy any way you can so sod off.

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