Monday, September 15, 2014

Gypsy curse strikes again

Gee I know momma said there would be days like this but I seriously have not had a single bright point in my life since 2000.
I think there should be more to life then “well at least I am breathing”
People in comas breathe.

In just keeps getting worse and worse and darker and darker.

I’m not just complaining here to be complaining I am actively trying to find a way out of this swamp but as soon as I think I have found one something else jumps onto the pile forcing me deeper into the mud.

I try looking for the silver lining
I try looking for something good
        I guess I’m just missing it.
It sucks, at least to me it does, that all my woes could be solved with a suitable application of large sums of cash.    Makes me feel shallow and coated in failure.

I could be walking on sunshine right now if I just had enough money to remove this yoke.  For just the meager sum of $225,000.00 I could be free and clear and running smoothly
Maybe I just ought to write to Mr. Gates or Mr. Buffet and ask them for a handout. They are altruistic maybe they will take pity on me.
    I wouldn’t.

(I was going to list out all my new issues but it just made me too damn depressed)

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