Saturday, July 5, 2014

I need a drink

It’s really a wonder I don’t drink.
Let me rephrase that
It is a wonder that I do not drink until I am completely blotto each and every night.

I’m not going to run down the entire list here, it is too extensive, I will just hit some of the high points of my low points.
Lets see…
just off the top of my head here we have (in no particular order)
depression, wife recovering from breast cancer, daughter had knee surgery due to arthritis at just 17 years of age, son broke his knee cap and had to have knee surgery, mom needs knee surgery but going in for cataract surgery, daughter’s cars airbags started smoking yesterday. Oh and let’s not forget foreclosure (luckily averted but it was a stressful time indeed) and getting a second job all the while losing more feeling in my foot due to pinched nerve.
Oh and that’s on top of all the normal day to day stress like the A/C unit blew up, daughter starting college, car is on its last legs, etc.etc.

You know that show “the lottery ruined my life” well all of my current and long standing problems can be solved by a suitable application of cash. So those people were just dumb. Not ignorant because that denotes the ability to learn and change. They are just plain dumb.
Dumb and greedy.
Maybe I should just start a kickstarter or a fundme project to see if the rest of the world would chip in a buck or two.

I don’t whine though.
    Not much at least.
        Ok so this post would be the closest I come to whining.
I do wonder what kind of gypsy curse I am under.
Or who I was in a past life that the good stuff seems to avoid me like I have the plague..

It’s really a wonder I don’t drink.

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  1. When it rains, it pours. That's a lot of stuff to be dealing with simultaneously. Has everyone come out of their surgeries okay?

    Remember to look up, as hard as it is in the dark sometimes...and I know depression makes it so much harder. But there is light, I promise.


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