Friday, September 20, 2013


Sometimes when you think you’re buying an Apple you’re really just buying an apple*

Ok for those who don’t want to go and read, I shall sum this up for you.
Lady in Australia wants 2 Apple iPhones so she posts on their local “craigslist” site “hey I want 2 iphones”
She is contacted and told “yeah I can sell you 2 iPhones, it’ll cost you $1200.” 1.
She makes the transaction in a McDonalds parking lot and goes home.
Opening the boxes she discovers that each one contains an apple. 2.
Not an Apple iPhone but an actual apple.
Maybe it was a McIntosh

The cops just said “well isn’t that just too bad.”

I couldn’t do this. I would either be straining really hard not to grin from ear to ear or afterwards stopping her from leaving saying ”no, I can’t. I just can’t. You are too stupid to take advantage of.”

  1. $1200 for 2 iphones!? That’s just a couple of bucks shy of retail.
  1. I don’t even buy food at McDonalds without checking the bag! Why do you drop that amount of money without inspecting the product?

*thanks to Mental Floss for the link

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