Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I know I have been rather light on the posts as of late.

With this ADD medicine i have been on the creative juices just dont juice the way they used to.
 That and everyday stress between work and looking for a second job to help pay the bills.
Then there is family life, of course.
It is hard to be creative when you have to spend a hour a day* listening to a stupid brain voice telling you how horrible you are. How you have failed in so many ways so many times.

Makes me want to stab my brain with a Qtip just to shut it up.

But never you mind fearless reader, I have some kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bag. Just waiting for them to finish popping.


*half an hour commute to work. each way, each day.

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  1. There's those of us out here that totally understand. Sending you some positive energy. As much as I can muster. ;)


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