Monday, February 13, 2012

Lets see where are we.

Still working on dropping the cigarettes.
Got stressed out at the beginning of last week and slipped back some, I have been picking at it with some mild resolve and have it back to 3 a day.
Working towards 2.
Then reality steps into the room grabs you by the scruff of the next and proceeds to use you dreams and expectations as it’s toilet paper.
Ok maybe it hasn’t been THAT bad but it is quite the analogy…
Last night the Girl was on her way home from church with some friends.
I was asked to give her a call to see where she was so being a really good button pusher and mouth voice talker.
I did.
Briiinnngng (oh sorry, wrong century)
beep-beep (close enough)

ME : hey Girl where art thou? (yeah I speak like that.)
Girl: Umm…. yeah… on the way home…
ME: OK, that’s fine but where are you?
Girl: I am with friends on the way home.
ME: that… but where are you?
Girl: Johnny is bringing us home and we are outside of town….
ME: OK, that’s fine but where are you? (Don’t you just dig my hard hitting and probing questions)
Girl: We’re ok…we just slid into a train fence…
(It was here that my Sherlock Holmes like steel trap of a mind grasped onto the notion that there was trouble at the old mill so I buckled down and asked)
Me: where are you?
Ok I gave up here as she was now more into talking around me and beyond me. I passed the phone over to her mother who, in just a few short words got the entire story.
Seems they were on the way home and were on a dirt road when ol mister winter threw some ice into their path and made the car slide into the guard rail at a railroad crossing.
Flat tire, body damage and a busted headlight.
The Girl did not want me coming with her mother out to the scene because she thought I would try to beat up Johnny…
I guess years of telling her “accidents are accidents and they do happen all the time” hasn’t been enough. Maybe Daddy’s temper has a lot to do with it.
Yeah... probably.

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