Saturday, October 15, 2011

Damn Ego

My darling girl
who made me so proud the other day by waking me up at 3 am in the morning to tell me she just watched the seasonal finale of Doctor Who and sincerely loved it has me in quite the quandary.
She is having issues with her boyfriends* parents and in her detailing the issues lets slip that she thinks I have had but 1 girlfriend in my entire life.
Oh the humanity!
I think she feels that I am such a geek/dork that I couldn't land a girl "back in the day"
The daddy in me says to let it slide and the less she knows the better
However, the male ego in me is quite affronted.
I have had plenty of girlfriends and by girlfriends I mean sexual conquests of course.
I have had quite a number of women in my time.
Why in my high school days I dated a couple of older women in their 20's.
I dated older women, younger women and same aged women.
I've had them fight over me and I've had them lavish me with gifts and vie for my attention.
I have also had those who wished me dead and burning in hell before the end of the day.
I was a lothario back in the day but not a player, or playa.
I respected each one and wasnt out to just get some tail.
OK maybe I was with some but hey I was young and male so that gives me a free pass for being an immature moron being lead around by his dick.
I even gave advice to other males based upon my experiences.
basically summed up to "stop looking so hard. it'll happen when it happens"
Granted those days are way, way in the past and I doubt I could land a chick today but that is age and experience talking.
It's not really a situation I give much to any thought to.
Well till now.
Really?... 1 girlfriend?
Damn ego.

*damn gingers

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