Thursday, September 6, 2018

The way this year has gone and still happy


In use a few short months my family has gone trough some fire
My wife’s breast cancer returned which was closely followed by a full mastectomy. Then as she grows her new rack she is also going through the awful kemo therapy. So a very vane and proud woman is having to hide beneath a wig as she continues to go to work each day. She is always tired and nothing tastes the same.but I strive on.

I drove a old 88 Taurus that started to have issues.I ended up getting hit, both front and back by uninsured drivers,ina two week period. One was a hit and run. Went out and spent a grand I did not have to purchase a car just to get to and from work.drove great on the way home and after tiling it and tagging it I drove it to work. On the way home I couldn’t get it to go above 30 mph. The PCM has gone out. So now we carpool until I can get the money together for that.but I strive on

My job is stressful as I work for a tech firm that our major client could go away at anytime and take my job with it. I live in constant pain each and everyday due to chronic constipation from my pain meds sowing down my guts.

So with all of this why am i posting this as happy? Because on July fourth I became a grandfather for the first time. The situation with my daughter and the father is, well there isn’t one but that’s ok. My granddaughter is a beautiful little girl who already has me twisted around her pinky finger, just like her mom did. Couldn’t love my girls more and I am happy they are in my life.

Maybe this doesn’t belong in as happy. Maybe I just wanted to vent a little . I think it is more like I have a gargantuan shitburger on my plate right now (that could easily be solved with a suitable application of large amounts of cash) an yet with all of that plus Christmas rolling up fast I still can find the glimmer of happy in my life and death grip it like a mountaineer dangling from a rope,

Thank you for listening to an old man ramble.

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